Product, Design, Arnhem: Graduates of 2019

The ArtEZ Product Design department in Arnhem is focused on individual and/or collaborative practices, informed by contemporary issues and developed through an ongoing process of modelling, experimentation, analysis and critique.

As graduates of this department we are proud to present 6 months in which we worked through pain, tears, ecstasy, wonder and camaraderie to achieve a unique vision. As a result we are broke, but feel wealthy in knowledge, creativity and ideas for the future. All that we have left is the stuff we own, the works we present and our determination. So that's what we used.

On this website you'll find more information about the graduates and their work. It is a looking glass into the process of the designers and their workspace. In the exhibition area you will arrive in a sound of joy and relief where you'll find the designers and the work that grew from their own unique methods.

The graduates:
Bart van Dommelen
Chloë Geurts
Dirk Vaessen
Emma Hoogstede
Eva Slegers & Floris de Vries
Iris Megens
Jasmijn van der Weijden
Jesper Speekenbrink
Judith Muijs
Lovisa Minkiewicz
Mireille Steinhage
Thomas van den Bliek
Tosca Schift
Yvon Smeets

Finals Graduation Exhibitons:
3 - 7 July 2019

Product, Design, Arnhem.
ArtEZ University of the Arts
Oude Kraan 26 6811 LK Arnhem
+31 (0)26 353 5613
Product Design Arnhem Facebook

Head of Department:
Judith van den Boom

Cathelijne Engelkes

External graduation committee:
Eelko Moorer
Kieren Jones

Finals Exhibition Design:
Niels Awater,
Jeroen van Kempen,
Mireille Steinhage

Finals Exhibition Production:
Niels Awater,
Jeroen van Kempen,
Mireille Steinhage,
Team Product Design

Catalogue Design:
Judith Muijs

Text Editing
Jeroen van Kempen:

DPN Rikkenprint

Graduation Website:
Judith Muijs

Finals Photography:
Judith Muijs, Sander Luske
Niels Awater, Jeroen van Kempen

Product Design team:
Jeroen van den Eijnde, Rana Ghavami, Katja Gruijters, Margriet Hovens, Marcel van Kan, Theo Konijnenburg, Frank Kolkman, Sander Luske, Klaartje Martens, Magda Saarloos, Ton Schulte, Rolf Schoeber, Joris Suk, Rixt van der Tol, Peter Traag, Renate Volleberg